Loews Hotels & Resorts


About Loews Hotels & Resorts


Headquartered in New York, NY

Luxury hotel group


Capture online share of voice

Expand reach to a wider audience

Reach qualifed people similar to current customers


Moved 70% of budget from ofine to digital: 40% on search, 60% on display

Began using Google Display Network, Remarketing

Boosted budget, used Similar Audiences for Loews Regency Hotel campaign


Overall: 10%+ revenue, 9%+ bookings, 5%+ unique site visitors

Remarketing generated $60,000 for $800 spent

Loews Regency Hotel campaign: 60%+ revenue, 57%+ bookings, CPA dropped 9%

Cyber Monday campaign: Grew revenue from $1.3M to $2M YOY